What is Esquire

Esquire is the second out of 13 titles in the game. It gives you an advantage over the Yeoman.


From the moment you are given the title, the amount of XP and EGO earned in the game is multiplied by a factor of 1.3. In other words, you start earning XP and EGO 30% faster.


Your Daily Tribute and Faction Tribute become 1.3 times as much.

How to get

You can become an Esquire one of the following ways:

  • Pass the special quest
  • Accumulate a stake of 5,000,000 EGO.

Risk of losing

There is a risk If you have become an Esquire by accumulating the stake and then your stake in EGO drops below 5,000,000.

Risk of losing alert

You will be informed if one of the risk factors occurs. You will have at least 48 hours to meet the requirements. If you don't meet them you might become a Yeoman or a Commoner. That depends on your EGO balance.

How to secure the Title of Esquire

If you get the Noble Title of Esquire as a reward for completing a special quest your title will be assigned to you for life.

If not, make sure your EGO balance is well above 5,000,000 Ego. This way you will significantly reduce the risk of losing it.