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A modern startup is supposed to have a mission. Investors need to know what role the new project plays in the market and what its value is. Since this is important, here is Supremacy's mission statement in different styles.

Mission in one sentence

To combine reading news, social game, and making money into one.

Mission in a simple way

People read the news. People play games. People make money. Why not combine the three into one? That's what we decided to do.

Politically Correct Mission Statement

In politically correct language, mission means something profoundly inspiring, such as making people happy. Then you have to add the words stakeholders, proactive, sustainable growth, inclusive... Well… We have just added them.

Mission vs Goal

A mission is generally a very big final achievement. Goals are steps in fulfilling the mission. A mission is what we do for others, a goal is what we do for ourselves. And let's put aside arguments about mission as an elusive ideal.

So we have a mission or it’s just a goal?

We have been puzzling over whether we have a mission or a main goal. That, frankly, is the goal. We want to do something unusual and we want to make money. But to make this happen, we need the project to be more to your liking than what is offered to you in the market. 

Mission in details

Once again, let's express the mission in a single phrase: “To combine reading news, social game, and making money into one.” Let's break it down word for word:  

  • Combine. This is not an instant process. It involves two problems: technological and behavioral. The technological problem is that it is more reliable for all stakeholders to implement this platform on Web 3.0 technologies, but so far neither technology nor people have yet been ready for it.
  • Reading News. In the world of news, people earn by writing articles, not by reading them. We've come up with an idea of how reading can make money. Putting this vision into practice is key to our mission. Read how it's possible
  • Social Game. There are many social games. But when applied to news, they either don't exist or are limited in gameplay techniques. We want to make a full-fledged news-based social game. The game includes factions, parties, alliances, as well as battles and wars.
  • Making money. From the first step of the game you get real income with in-game currency. Game currency is strictly tied to the ether, so it's a real income. How to earn in-game currency.
    You can also get a share in the game and become a shareholder. Shares are allocated via the DAO smart contract with automatic withdrawal to Ether when sold. Both can be bought and sold instantly according to the rules of the game. Read Rules.

Each of the mission statements is not trivial. And all together they represent our project called Supremacy. Come join in.