What is Count

Count is the eighth out of 13 titles in the game. It gives you some advantages over the Viscount.


From the moment you are given the title, the amount of XP and EGO earned in the game is multiplied by a factor of four. In other words, you start earning XP and rewards in EGO four times faster.


Your Daily Tribute and Faction Tribute become four times as much.

How to get

You can become a Count one way only:

  • Become the second or the third in the hierarchy of party leaders.

Risk of losing

The risk of losing the title only comes into play if two conditions are met at the same time:

  • You cease to hold a position in the party necessary for holding this title.
  • Your Ego balance is less than 75,000,000.

Risk of losing alert

You will be informed if one of the risk factors occurs. You will have at least 48 hours to meet the requirements. If you don't meet them you might become back a Knight or lower. That depends on your EGO balance.

How to secure the Title of Count

Make sure your EGO balance is well above 75,000,000 Ego. This way you will significantly reduce the risk of losing your title even if you no longer hold the required position in a party.