What is Commoner

A commoner is a commoner. Any partisan is a commoner by default. As long as you earn EGO and take an active part in the game, the emperor confers on you one of the titles of nobility.

Titles of Nobility

There are 13 Titles of Nobility in the game. The lowest title is Yeoman, because Commoner is not actually a title. The highest title is Emperor. Yes, you can become the Emperor.

The emperor confers the titles, but that is not his bliss. The rules are strictly defined.

List of Titles

  1. Yeoman
  2. Esquire
  3. Knight
  4. Banneret
  5. Baronet
  6. Baron
  7. Marquis
  8. Viscount
  9. Count
  10. Marquis
  11. Duke
  12. Archduke
  13. Emperor

Why Titles

The higher the title the more XP and EGO you earn. Check out the guidelines for each title to learn more.