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Mysterious Kidney Disease Plaguing Young Men in Sri Lanka

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In recent years, a troubling pattern has emerged in the sultry farming and fishing communities of Sri Lanka, where young men in their 30s and 40s have been increasingly seeking medical help for late-stage kidney failure. These men are presenting with a condition known as "chronic kidney disease of unknown origin," a puzzling illness that has baffled experts due to its unclear cause. The prevalence of this kidney disease is alarming, with as many as one in five young men in some communities affected by this debilitating condition.

While the primary victims of this mysterious kidney disease are young men, some women have also been diagnosed with the illness, broadening its impact. Even more distressing is the fact that children as young as 10 are showing early signs of kidney issues, indicating the widespread reach and severity of this health crisis. Experts believe that the root cause of this condition lies in the cumulative effects of extreme heat, intensified by climate change, leading to dehydration, and the widespread use of toxic pesticides that have permeated the groundwater supply in these regions. The combination of these factors is believed to be contributing to the growing prevalence of kidney failure among the population, posing a significant public health concern.

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