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Plaintiffs Urge Japanese Lawmakers to Address Forced Sterilizations Issue

Main image to the post Plaintiffs Urge Japanese Lawmakers to Address Forced Sterilizations Issue

Plaintiffs involved in legal battles concerning forced sterilizations carried out under Japan's now-defunct eugenic protection law have appealed to a bipartisan group of Japanese lawmakers to learn from the mistakes of the past law and swiftly address the ongoing issue. At a hearing, three individuals, including two plaintiffs who were subjected to forced sterilizations, presented their case to the lawmaker group chaired by Norihisa Tamura, who holds the position of executive acting chairman of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party's Policy Research Council. The significance of the Supreme Court's ruling on July 3, which declared the old law as unconstitutional and acknowledged the government's responsibility, was emphasized during the hearing.

The call for action from the plaintiffs underscores the urgency to find a resolution and ensure that the injustices of the past are not repeated in the future. The presence of individuals who directly experienced the trauma of forced sterilizations at the hearing aimed to shed light on the human impact of such policies and emphasize the need for accountability and redress. The involvement of the cross-party group of lawmakers in addressing this sensitive issue signifies a step towards acknowledging the historical injustices inflicted on individuals under the eugenic protection law and working towards a more just and inclusive society.

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