Harassment Allegations

Judge Kindred Resigns Amid Misconduct, Leaving Alaska With One Active Judge

Main image to the post Judge Kindred Resigns Amid Misconduct, Leaving Alaska With One Active Judge

Federal Judge Joshua Kindred Resigns Amid Misconduct Allegations

Federal Judge Joshua Kindred, appointed to the bench by former President Donald Trump, has resigned following an investigation into misconduct allegations. The investigation found that Kindred engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a female law clerk, lied to investigators, and created a hostile work environment through graphic sexual remarks.

The allegations against Kindred, 46, date back to 2022 and were compiled in a 32-page court order by a special committee appointed by Chief Circuit Judge Mary Murguia. The order, made public on Monday, details a pattern of inappropriate behavior by Kindred.

The order accuses Kindred of carrying on an "inappropriately sexualized relationship" with the unnamed clerk, which continued even after she became an assistant US attorney. The order cites specific incidents, including one where Kindred allegedly invited the clerk out for drinks, kissed her, and grabbed her rear shortly before she left his office. In another incident, he is accused of groping the clerk and performing oral sex on her at an associate's apartment.

Investigators also found that Kindred received "nude photographs" from another federal prosecutor and exchanged "flirtatious" text messages with a local attorney. Additionally, interviews with clerks and judiciary employees revealed a pattern of inappropriate language and behavior, including rating people based on "fability" and making disparaging remarks about colleagues.

The order concludes that Kindred's misconduct was "pervasive and abusive," constituting sexual harassment and fostering a hostile work environment. It further states that his conduct was "not civil, dignified, or respectful" and that his interactions with his law clerks were "abusive, oppressive, and inappropriate."

Kindred submitted a nine-page response to the investigation, acknowledging that he had "failed to exercise appropriate boundaries" but denying any sinister intent in his relationship with the clerk. He has since declined further comment.

Chief Circuit Judge Murguia stated that the judiciary is entrusted to self-govern and that federal judges must be held to the highest standards of integrity and impartiality. She thanked the witnesses who came forward and pledged to continue ensuring that judges are held accountable.

Kindred's resignation leaves Chief Judge Sharon Gleason as the sole active district court judge in Alaska. She is expected to take on the majority of Kindred's open cases.

Senator Lisa Murkowski stated that Kindred's resignation was "more than appropriate" and pledged to work quickly on finding a replacement nominee. Senator Dan Sullivan expressed disappointment in Kindred's misconduct and emphasized the importance of appointing judges who understand Alaska's unique role in the federal system.

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