Russia-Ukraine War

Russian Missile Strike Destroys Ukrainian Military Column in Sumy Region

Main image to the post Russian Missile Strike Destroys Ukrainian Military Column in Sumy Region

Russian Missile Strike Hits Ukrainian Military Column

A Russian missile strike has inflicted significant damage on a Ukrainian military column in the northeastern region of Sumy, according to footage released by the Russian Defense Ministry. The attack occurred near the village of Stetsovka, approximately 10 kilometers north of the region's administrative center.

The Russian military claims that the Iskander-M missile strike destroyed an artillery munitions storage dump, 20 Ukrainian vehicles, and killed up to 65 troops. The video released by the ministry, apparently filmed by a drone using an infrared camera, shows a stationary column of large vehicles, believed to be trucks. Multiple explosions can be seen in the area, indicating a cluster weapon strike. Later, a massive fire is seen raging in the forest near a crossroads following what appears to be a secondary detonation.

The video began circulating on social media on Monday. Initial reports claimed that the high casualty number was due to Ukrainian soldiers gathering at the location for an inspection at the time of the missile strike. The Russian Defense Ministry highlighted the importance of reconnaissance for the effective use of long-range weapons.

Since last week, the Russian military has released multiple videos demonstrating the use of the Iskander missile system against Ukrainian targets. The weapons have reportedly successfully hit three HIMARS rocket launchers armed with ATACMS ballistic missiles in Kherson Region, two Patriot air-defense launchers in Odessa Region, two S-300 air-defense launchers in Poltava Region, and military aircraft at several Ukrainian airfields.

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