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A Contentious Issue for Democrats in the 2024 Election

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A Complex and Nuanced Discussion

The question of President Biden's age and fitness for office is a complex and deeply fraught one, with no easy answers. It involves a number of intertwined questions, each with its own set of considerations.

One point of confusion is the conflation of Biden's candidacy with his current performance as president. Republicans are eager to link the two, suggesting that questioning Biden's suitability as a candidate is the same as questioning his ability to serve now. However, these are distinct issues that require separate evaluation.

Even if we had access to cognitive tests like the one Donald Trump often boasts about, the question of how they relate to the unique demands of the presidency would remain. Moreover, the likelihood of such results being released is low, as it's unclear what anything short of dire outcomes would signify.

The question of Biden's current state is further complicated by the uncertainty of how he might be in two years if reelected. While it's clear he won't improve with age, it's difficult to predict what level of decline would be problematic and how it would manifest.

Public opinion polls indicate that a majority of Americans believe Biden is too old to be effective as president. This includes a significant portion of Democrats themselves. Biden, however, defends his candidacy by pointing to his past victories over Trump, both in 2020 and the 2022 midterms. He argues that he has been tested in a way other potential candidates haven't been.

While there's little doubt that Biden could be replaced as the Democratic nominee, the question is how such a replacement would be determined. Some activists propose a truncated rerun of the primary, but this could lead to further division within the party.

Ultimately, Biden has shown no indication of stepping down, and it's unclear what evidence he could offer to address existing concerns. Many Democrats worry that his candidacy is jeopardizing their chances of defeating Trump, while others believe he is the best bulwark against a second Trump administration. The debate over Biden's age and fitness for office is likely to continue in the months leading up to the 2024 election.

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