GOP Platform Embraces Trump, Shifts on Abortion and Social Security

Main image to the post GOP Platform Embraces Trump, Shifts on Abortion and Social Security

Republican Convention Platform Embraces Trump's Agenda

The Republican Party officially adopted a platform at their convention in Milwaukee that reflects the views of presumptive nominee Donald Trump. The platform abandons long-held positions on abortion and same-sex marriage, embraces mass deportation, and opposes changing the retirement age for Social Security.

Trump addressed the convention via phone, urging delegates to pass the platform quickly and show unity within the party. He emphasized the importance of religion and contrasted his party's stance with the "disaster" of the Democrats.

The platform reflects a significant shift in the Republican Party's stance on several key issues. It officially endorses mass deportations of undocumented immigrants, proposes ending the Education Department, and calls for building a "great Iron Dome" over the country. The platform also opposes changing the retirement age for Social Security and Medicare.

The new platform is a departure from past tradition, where Republican activists played a larger role in shaping the document. This time, Trump advisors and the presumptive nominee himself had a significant influence on the platform's content.

The platform's language around abortion acknowledges the 14th Amendment but avoids mentioning further changes to the Constitution. It states that the party "proudly stands for families and life" and believes states should be free to pass laws protecting those rights.

The platform's adoption marks a significant moment for the Republican Party, solidifying Trump's influence and outlining the party's priorities for the upcoming election.

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