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Solar Panels Proliferate in Response to Power Cuts in Islamabad

Main image to the post Solar Panels Proliferate in Response to Power Cuts in Islamabad

Srinagar Highway, a 25-kilometer stretch connecting Islamabad's international airport to the heart of Pakistan's capital, has become a visible symbol of how residents are addressing the challenges of frequent power cuts and escalating electricity costs. Atesham ud Din, a 34-year-old development professional, is one of the many homeowners who have chosen to invest in solar panels to harness the abundant sunlight as an alternative energy source. By spending $9,000 on a solar panel system two years ago, Atesham has not only mitigated the issue of power outages but has also substantially decreased his electricity expenses.

The trend of installing solar panels on buildings along the Srinagar Highway highlights a growing shift towards sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions in response to the unreliable power grid and soaring electricity bills in Pakistan. For homeowners like Atesham, embracing solar technology has provided a reliable source of energy that ensures uninterrupted power supply, offering a sense of independence from the grid and contributing to long-term savings on utility bills. As more individuals follow suit and opt for solar energy solutions, it showcases a grassroots movement towards renewable energy adoption and a departure from traditional electricity sources.

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