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Former President Trump's Approval Rating Surpasses 50% as He Leads on Top Voter Issues

Main image to the post Former President Trump's Approval Rating Surpasses 50% as He Leads on Top Voter Issues

A recent poll conducted by USA TODAY/Suffolk University revealed that former President Trump's approval rating has surpassed 50%. The poll, consisting of 1,000 registered voters surveyed between June 28 and 30, indicated that 51% of respondents approve of Trump's job performance during his presidency from 2017 to 2021. In comparison, 41% of respondents approved of Biden's current job performance.

The poll also highlighted that more registered voters believe Trump would excel over Biden in managing key issues like the economy and immigration. With 53% of respondents trusting Trump to handle immigration compared to 40% for Biden, it is evident that Trump is perceived as a more suitable candidate for these crucial matters. Additionally, on national security and dealing with China, Trump received higher scores of 52% to 42% and 51% to 41%, respectively, outperforming Biden.

Despite Trump's lead on various important issues, Biden scored better on race relations and healthcare in the poll. Fifty-one percent of registered voters expressed confidence in Biden's ability to handle race relations, while 41% believed the same for Trump. In the healthcare sector, Biden received a higher rating of 50% compared to Trump's 40%. However, Trump maintained an overall lead over Biden, garnering 41% to Biden's 38%, signaling a three-point increase for the former President since the previous USA TODAY poll in May.

The poll respondents also revealed their priorities, with the economy/inflation ranking as the most significant issue for 35% of registered voters. Threats to democracy followed closely at 21%, while immigration held the third spot at 19%. Additionally, the poll reflected that nearly 60% of respondents believe Trump is more likely to "get things done" compared to only 44% who said the same about Biden.

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