Racial Discrimination

Duke Medical School Develops Anti-Racist Workforce Plan

Main image to the post Duke Medical School Develops Anti-Racist Workforce Plan

Duke Medical School has launched a strategic plan with the goal of creating an anti-racist workforce through education. The plan, titled "Dismantling Racism and Advancing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the School of Medicine," addresses White supremacy culture and its impact on professional standards like dress code, speech, work style, and timeliness. The guide emphasizes the idea that White people and their actions are often considered superior to People of Color, leading to privileges and advantages solely based on race.

The document also delves into critical race theory, highlighting how systems such as law, culture, and economics in the U.S. often support the interests of White people. It suggests that White supremacy culture within the workplace can lead to discrimination against non-White professionalism standards. The plan encourages individuals to take actions both individually and collectively to support the mission of dismantling racism and promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Furthermore, the concept of White fragility is discussed in the plan, referring to the discomfort experienced by White individuals during discussions about injustice and racism. The document describes how White fragility can lead to defensive reactions such as anger, fear, and silence. In an effort to combat racial bias, Duke's medical school plans to establish recruitment pipelines at Historically Black Colleges and Universities and community colleges, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity in developing an anti-racist workforce.

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