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Southern China Battles Floods with Unity and Early Warning Systems

Main image to the post Southern China Battles Floods with Unity and Early Warning Systems

Heavy Rains Prompt Flood Control Measures in Southern China

Heavy rains have lashed southern China, triggering widespread flood control measures. Authorities have credited swift responses for minimizing casualties and damage.

In Jiangxi province, the town of Jiangzhou, located on a Yangtze River island, has been particularly affected. With a long dike system, the town's officials issued a call for residents, especially those who had moved away, to return and help with flood control efforts. The island's population, primarily elderly people and women, numbers less than 10,000.

"Our hometown is calling; it's everyone's responsibility to protect our home!"

Wang Zifeng, the town's mayor, said, "The unity of our Jiangzhou people gives us confidence." A similar call in 2020 saw thousands return to bolster flood defenses.

Wang Changqing, a 59-year-old villager and veteran of flood control efforts in 1998, 2016, and 2020, wasted no time in returning after seeing the message. He was assigned to patrol duties. "Seeing many fellow villagers return and ample supplies, I'm confident we'll overcome this," Wang told China News Service.

While the central rain belt has moved out of Jiujiang, easing immediate concerns, Jiangxi Governor Ye Jianchun urged continued vigilance. Rising water levels and potential dangers like dam seepage and landslides remain threats.

Jiujiang has endured 15 consecutive days of rain since June 18, with a fresh heavy round battering the city from Saturday to Tuesday. As of Thursday, the water level at Poyang Lake was 2.55 meters above the warning level.

Meanwhile, a flood warning system in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region prevented casualties in a recent flash flood.

On June 30, a joint effort by the regional water resources department and meteorological bureau pinpointed a high risk of floods in Rong'an county. Swift action followed. At 4:02 am on Monday, the Guangxi flood monitoring system detected heavy rain in Si'an village, triggering an immediate pre-evacuation warning.

Local authorities responded swiftly, evacuating 37 households totaling 112 people before a flash flood struck at 6 am. While the flood damaged or destroyed 25 homes, no lives were lost thanks to the warning system.

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