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Chinese Social Media Influencer's Botched Buttock Augmentation Raises Concerns

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A Chinese social media influencer known as Ms. Meng is currently undergoing recovery in Thailand after a buttock augmentation procedure went wrong due to an excessive amount of hyaluronic acid injections. This incident has gained significant attention on Chinese social media platforms and serves as a warning about the potential dangers of unregulated cosmetic procedures.

Ms. Meng, who has a substantial following on Douyin, received an alarming number of injections during one session at a Thai hospital, leading to an infection in her buttocks. The severity of the situation required immediate medical intervention, with doctors recommending surgery to remove the injected material to prevent further health complications. This case sheds light on the risks individuals may face when pursuing cosmetic enhancements without proper regulation and oversight.

Unfortunately, Ms. Meng's experience is not an isolated incident. In a similar case from the previous year, a woman in Hangzhou encountered complications after undergoing buttock implant surgery followed by additional hyaluronic acid injections at a beauty clinic. The combination of procedures resulted in adverse effects such as fever, swelling, and ulceration, ultimately requiring the removal of the implants. Dr. Xu Jinghong, a plastic surgeon, emphasizes the dangers associated with using hyaluronic acid for breast or buttock augmentation, citing the lack of medical evidence and significant health risks involved in such approaches.

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May 21, 2023 | 05:09