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Malcolm Turnbull Warns of Consequences of Second Trump Term

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Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has cautioned against the implications of Donald Trump securing a second term as President of the United States. Turnbull expressed apprehensions about the potential scenario where Trump could become increasingly emboldened if re-elected, highlighting his fear of Trump being surrounded by individuals who cater to his wishes. This, in Turnbull's view, could lead to a modification in US foreign policy and a reinforcement of Trump's authoritative behavior.

In an interview with 7.30, Turnbull emphasized the importance of leaders of allied nations not succumbing to Trump's desires and standing up for their national interests instead. He warned against the pitfalls of adopting a submissive approach towards Trump, as this could lead to disdain and bullying from the US President. Turnbull's experiences with Trump during his own tenure as Australian Prime Minister fueled his insights into the character of the US President and the potential challenges in dealing with him.

Turnbull also highlighted concerns regarding the changing global landscape, particularly in Europe, where far-right parties have gained significant momentum. The former Prime Minister pointed out the need for vigilance in the face of these political shifts and expressed worries over how a second Trump administration might handle international affairs differently than under the leadership of President Joe Biden. Turnbull's past confrontations with Trump over honoring agreements further underscored his perspective on the importance of standing firm against the US President's demands to safeguard national interests and principles of democracy.

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