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A Story of Loss and Change in the Sierra Nevada, Marking a Historic Milestone in the Americas

Main image to the post A Story of Loss and Change in the Sierra Nevada, Marking a Historic Milestone in the Americas

A Story of Loss and Change

Venezuela has lost all its glaciers.

The Humboldt Glacier, also known as "La Corona" (the crown), was the last remaining glacier in the country. It had stubbornly resisted the onslaught of climate change, clinging to its existence near the second highest peak in Venezuela. However, scientists have confirmed that the Humboldt Glacier is now too small to be classified as a glacier, marking a significant milestone in the country's history.

"Our tropical glaciers began to disappear since the '70s and their absence is felt. It is a great sadness and the only thing we can do is use their legacy to show children how beautiful our Sierra Nevada was."

The disappearance of glaciers is a stark reminder of the impact of climate change. Rising global temperatures are causing these massive ice formations to melt at an alarming rate, contributing to rising sea levels and altering ecosystems around the world.

While the Humboldt Glacier was expected to last for another decade, political turmoil in Venezuela hindered scientists' ability to monitor the area. This lack of data makes it difficult to pinpoint the exact causes of the glacier's demise, but scientists believe that a combination of factors, including global warming and the El Niño climate phenomenon, played a significant role.

Despite the loss, scientists see an opportunity for further study. The melting of the glacier marks the beginning of a new ecological process, known as primary succession, where life gradually colonizes the newly exposed rock. This process will be closely monitored by researchers, offering valuable insights into the resilience of nature.

until the last piece disappears, we are going to continue saying that it is a glacier.

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