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Conservation Group Launches Fundraising Campaign to Save the Species

Main image to the post Conservation Group Launches Fundraising Campaign to Save the Species

Drought Threatens Critically Endangered Amphibian

The Río Frío de Juárez region in Mexico is facing a severe drought, with devastating consequences for the critically endangered volcano axolotl (Ambystoma leorae). This unique amphibian, found only in the streams near the Telapón and Tláloc volcanoes, is facing a fight for survival as its habitat dries up.

Leonidas Otlica Reyes, a member of the Río Frío Conservation Group, expresses his concern about the lack of rain and its impact on the axolotl population. He notes that the streams have become stagnant puddles, threatening the delicate ecosystem where these amphibians thrive.

Felipe Osuna López, an academic and member of the conservation group, highlights the crucial role axolotls play in maintaining the ecological balance. As the main predator in the streams, they control the invertebrate population and ensure water quality for nearby communities.

The drought has caused a significant decline in the axolotl population, with estimates suggesting fewer than 200 individuals remaining. The conservation group has launched a fundraising campaign to raise funds for monitoring, habitat restoration, and educational initiatives.

The campaign aims to raise 65,000 Mexican pesos (approximately $3,900) to support these efforts. The funds will be used to relocate axolotls to areas with better water conditions, maintain existing pools, and educate the community about the importance of conservation.

The volcano axolotl holds cultural significance in Mexico, dating back to pre-Hispanic times. The Aztecs viewed the axolotl as a manifestation of Xolotl, the god associated with death and transformation. Diana Vázquez Mendoza, a researcher at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, emphasizes the cultural importance of this amphibian.

The drought serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of ecosystems and the need for proactive conservation efforts. The Río Frío Conservation Group's initiative aims to protect the volcano axolotl and ensure its survival for future generations.

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