No Evidence mRNA Covid Vaccines Cause Fatal Cardiac Arrest in Teens and Young Adults

Main image to the post No Evidence mRNA Covid Vaccines Cause Fatal Cardiac Arrest in Teens and Young Adults

No Evidence of Fatal Cardiac Arrest from mRNA Vaccines in Teens and Young Adults

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found no evidence that mRNA Covid vaccines cause fatal cardiac arrest or other deadly heart problems in teens and young adults.

The study analyzed nearly 1,300 death certificates of Oregon residents ages 16 to 30 who died from any heart condition or unknown reasons between June 1, 2021, and December 31, 2022. During this time, nearly 1 million teens and young adults in the state had received a Covid vaccine.

Out of 40 deaths that occurred among people who received an mRNA Covid vaccine, only three occurred within 100 days of vaccination. Two of these deaths were attributed to chronic underlying health conditions, and the third was recorded as an "undetermined natural cause."

The medical examiner could not confirm or exclude Covid vaccination as the cause of death for the third case. However, none of the death certificates attributed the fatalities to the vaccines.

Experts noted that the study's 100-day time frame following vaccination was generous, and that the analysis went above and beyond to capture any possible cardiac death from vaccinations.

The data shows no increased risk of cardiac deaths associated with the Covid mRNA vaccines. The risk of sudden death in young adults after being vaccinated is significantly lower than the risk of sudden cardiac death from all causes.

Experts emphasize that no vaccine has ever been conclusively linked to sudden cardiac death. While the mRNA vaccines have been linked to a small risk of myocarditis, the heart condition tends to be much milder than what is typically seen with traditional myocarditis from Covid infection. Most people fully recover within a few days.

This study adds to the growing evidence that mRNA Covid vaccines are safe and effective for teens and young adults.

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