Nationalist Parties Gain Ground in EU Parliament, Raising Concerns

Main image to the post Nationalist Parties Gain Ground in EU Parliament, Raising Concerns

Europe's Nationalist Parties Make Gains in EU Parliament Elections

Nationalist parties across Europe have made significant gains in the recent European Parliament elections, capitalizing on voter concerns over rising prices, immigration, and the cost of the green transition. These parties, often populist and euroskeptic, are now poised to exert greater influence over EU policy.

According to projections by the European Parliament, nationalist parties are on track to win just under a quarter of the seats in the assembly. This reflects a growing trend in Western democracies, where voters are increasingly turning away from mainstream parties and the status quo, opting instead for more far-right alternatives. This trend is reminiscent of the rise of former and possibly future U.S. President Donald Trump.

The success of nationalist parties in the European Parliament elections raises concerns about the future direction of the European Union. These parties often advocate for policies that are at odds with the EU's core values of cooperation and integration. It remains to be seen how these parties will use their newfound influence to shape EU policy in the years to come.

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May 21, 2023 | 05:09