Exclusive Polling Shows Diane Abbott-Labour Row Had Minimal Impact on Voters

Main image to the post Exclusive Polling Shows Diane Abbott-Labour Row Had Minimal Impact on Voters

Last week's controversy surrounding Diane Abbott and the Labour Party, sparked by reports suggesting she might be banned from standing as a Labour candidate due to comments on racism and anti-semitism, appears to have had minimal repercussions on voter sentiment. Though the issue led to significant media attention and public gatherings in support of Abbott, the vast majority of voters surveyed indicated that it did not sway their decision-making regarding their voting choices.

The handling of the situation by Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer was a point of contention, as he initially avoided confirming whether Abbott would be permitted to run for Labour in her constituency. However, following Deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner's public support for Abbott, Starmer eventually stated that Abbott would be free to stand as a Labour candidate. The polling data highlighted that while some voters were more inclined to support Labour due to Starmer's response, a small percentage leaned towards the Conservative Party or were less likely to vote altogether.

The Techne UK chief executive, Michela Morizzo, emphasized that despite the media attention surrounding the Abbott-Starmer row, its impact on Labour's vote share in polls has been insignificant. Additionally, Morizzo noted that Starmer's management of a diverse voter audience posed challenges in maintaining support while seeking a balance between different political ideologies. The polling data underlined that despite concerns over the Abbott-Labour conflict, Labour's current lead in national vote share remains steady at 44%, with a notable 24-point lead over the Conservative Party.

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May 21, 2023 | 05:09