Tactical Voting Could Swing UK Election, Experts Warn

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A new analysis by The Independent suggests that over 100 seats in the UK could be influenced by tactical voting in the upcoming general election. This analysis is based on a YouGov poll, which shows that nearly half of the Conservative Party's projected wins are secured by a narrow margin.

The Conservatives are hoping to attract Reform UK voters to their side, while Labour and the Liberal Democrats are also vulnerable to tactical voting. The analysis identifies seats where the projected lead for the winning party is less than 10%, with 68 of the Conservatives' projected wins having a margin of less than 5%.

Experts believe that Labour, the Liberal Democrats, and the Greens might consider voting tactically for each other, particularly in seats where the Liberal Democrats are hoping to gain tactical votes from Labour supporters.

While the Conservatives may be vulnerable to tactical voting, YouGov's projections also indicate that around 50 of Labour and the Liberal Democrats' projected wins are within a narrow margin. The Conservatives are trying to attract Reform UK voters, but a recent poll suggests that many Reform voters are unlikely to vote Conservative.

Tactical voting websites and resources are becoming increasingly important in modern elections, as they provide voters with more information and potentially influence voting outcomes.

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May 21, 2023 | 05:09