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Your Apps Are Sharing Your Driving Data With Insurers, And It's Driving Up Rates

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Auto insurers have been urging customers to allow them to track their driving for years. However, many customers, concerned about privacy and surveillance, have resisted. Insurers have found a way around this resistance by partnering with other apps that collect driving data.

These apps, such as Life360, MyRadar, and GasBuddy, use technology provided by Arity, an Allstate company, to analyze driving behavior. Arity collects this data and creates a driving score, which is then sold to insurers. This score helps insurers determine the risk associated with a driver and set insurance premiums accordingly.

The opt-in consent for data sharing on these apps is often small and vague, leading many users to be unaware that their driving data is being shared with insurers. While Arity claims that this data can be used to create "smarter and safer" transportation solutions, it raises concerns about privacy and transparency.

The use of driving data collected from third-party apps has become a significant factor in the recent surge in car insurance rates. In 2024, insurance rates reached a 50-year high, exceeding inflation and leading to higher premiums and deductibles. While it might seem appealing to have insurance rates based on something you can control, many families are unaware that their driving data is being used to assess their risk without their explicit knowledge or consent.

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