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Pilot Captures Eerie "Sprite" Phenomenon in Stunning Night Flight Video

Main image to the post Pilot Captures Eerie "Sprite" Phenomenon in Stunning Night Flight Video

Imagine Godzilla having a truly terrible day, unleashing a powerful jet of blue light from his mouth. We've all seen the iconic image. Now, picture that same blue light streaking across the sky, but without the giant, angry lizard. Earlier this year, an Airbus pilot captured this incredible phenomenon on camera during a night flight, and the video is truly awe-inspiring.

The video, taken from the pilot's perspective in the cockpit, shows flashes of lightning dancing across the clouds. Suddenly, a bright, pink and purplish vertical jet of light pierces the dark night sky. This beam of light stretches thousands of feet, extending from the Earth's upper atmosphere, or exosphere, all the way up. As the video progresses, the sky returns to its dark state, the entire event lasting only a few seconds.

The video, shared by pilot Alexander Torres on Instagram, quickly went viral. He captioned it, "Encountered a cosmic marvel! Captured the surreal beauty of a gigantic jet phenomenon during my night flight, a sight that feels straight out of a sci-fi movie! Did you know about this fascinating “natural” phenomenon?"

Sprite is not just a drinkable soda but a beautiful phenomenon." A third user joked, "Must be a boring job since they decide to film stuff out the window." A fourth user, also a pilot, commented, "In 50 years of flying everything from an Army helicopter, to heavy Boeing 777-300ER I have only seen 1 sprite. Over the Amazon enroute to Brazil," highlighting the extraordinary rarity of these "sprites.

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May 21, 2023 | 05:09