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Labour Vows Crackdown on Antisocial Behaviour, Including Destroying Off-Road Bikes

Main image to the post Labour Vows Crackdown on Antisocial Behaviour, Including Destroying Off-Road Bikes

Under Labour's proposed plans to combat antisocial behavior, off-road bikes used by reckless individuals terrorizing communities would face destruction. Police would be granted the authority to crush dirt and quad bikes, alongside imposing stricter on-the-spot fines on offenders.

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper aims to overhaul the current system, where impounded bikes are auctioned off after weeks, often ending up back on the streets. Concerns regarding rider and public safety, as well as damage to parks, fields, and private property, are significant. The new plan proposes destroying confiscated bikes after just 48 hours, instead of the current 14-day holding period.

Ms. Cooper stated that noisy off-road bikes speeding through neighborhoods, deliberately disrupting and intimidating residents, are a major concern for communities. She highlighted the recurring issue of offenders escaping consequences and the bikes returning to the streets even after police intervention.

Labour emphasizes that cracking down on antisocial behavior will be a top priority for their next government, aiming to ensure everyone feels safe in their neighborhoods. They intend to empower police to permanently remove illegal, dangerous, and antisocial bikes from the streets, alongside implementing tough measures to shut down drug dens.

Labour acknowledges that fines for ignoring police orders to stop can be as low as £100. They have pledged to increase these fines, with a new level to be determined after public consultation. The latest crime survey for England and Wales reveals that 35% of individuals experienced or witnessed some form of antisocial behavior last year, with police recording one million incidents. Approximately one in four people perceive antisocial behavior as a significant problem in their local area.

Ms. Cooper also aims to address drug dealing plaguing communities. Labour promises to provide individuals with more time to legally shut down "drug dens" in court. Public Space Protection Orders would be expedited to curb public drinking and drug use. Additionally, "data-driven hotspot policing" is proposed to target the most prolific offenders involved in antisocial behavior.

Earlier this year, when questioned about off-road bikes, Home Office minister Chris Philp affirmed the government's commitment to tackling and preventing antisocial behavior, acknowledging its impact on individuals and communities. He stated that police, councils, and agencies have been granted powers to address problem behavior, emphasizing that local areas are best positioned to determine the most effective deployment of these powers based on specific circumstances.

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