Leading Conservatives Push for Promises on Inheritance Tax, ECHR and Social Media Restrictions

Main image to the post Leading Conservatives Push for Promises on Inheritance Tax, ECHR and Social Media Restrictions

Prominent Conservatives are urging Rishi Sunak to commit to abolishing inheritance tax as part of the party's efforts to win over voters and strengthen their electoral position. They argue that the current tax is unfair, particularly to individuals of moderate means who wish to pass on their assets to their families without being heavily taxed. Additionally, there is a call for a more generous approach to the tax threshold, with suggestions ranging from a straightforward £1 million threshold to specific thresholds for couples.

In addition to the focus on inheritance tax, there is a push within the Conservative party to double down on the readiness to withdraw from the European Convention of Human Rights. This stance is driven by a desire to have more control over immigration policies and prevent legal challenges that hinder deportations. There is a belief that leaving the ECHR would empower the UK to take stronger measures to secure its borders.

Social media restrictions for under-16s have also been proposed by some Conservative members, citing concerns about the negative impact of social media on children's mental health and well-being. The proposal to raise the age limit for social media usage to 16 is supported by polling data showing strong backing, especially among Conservative voters who prioritize protecting childhood and real-world experiences. Furthermore, there are calls for a reconsideration of commitments to net zero carbon emissions targets to alleviate financial burdens on households, with suggestions to adopt a more manageable pace towards achieving this goal rather than imposing strict deadlines that could overwhelm taxpayers economically.

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May 21, 2023 | 05:09