Nigel Farage Condemns Media Regulation Giving Reform Party Limited Coverage

Main image to the post Nigel Farage Condemns Media Regulation Giving Reform Party Limited Coverage

Nigel Farage has strongly criticized the media regulator Ofcom's instructions for broadcasters to provide the Reform party with a fraction of the coverage given to other parties based on their past and current electoral support. He described this decision as a "democratic outrage" and condemned the rules that dictate that parties should receive coverage proportional to their previous election results, with less emphasis on current standing in opinion polls. Farage pointed out that this ruling puts Reform, a relatively new party, at a distinct disadvantage, especially since they did not field candidates in many seats during the last election due to their decision not to oppose sitting Tory MPs.

According to Mr. Farage, Ofcom's guidance heavily relies on the results of the past two elections, which he argued places newer parties like Reform in an almost impossible position, as they lack the historical data to match up against established parties. This unequal treatment has led to concerns that broadcasters may allocate less than 10 percent of their coverage to Reform, a move Farage described as "horrific." Furthermore, Farage highlighted that this regulatory decision also impacts the inclusion of party leaders in TV debates, indicating that the limited coverage affects their ability to participate effectively in election-related discussions and engagement with voters.

Moreover, a survey conducted by More in Common revealed that despite the limited coverage, Nigel Farage was perceived as the most impressive politician by viewers who watched a BBC debate, with 25 percent considering him the winner. This result underscores the disconnect between viewers' positive reception of Farage and the regulatory framework's restriction on Reform party's media exposure, raising questions about the fairness and effectiveness of the current media regulations pertaining to political coverage and participation.

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May 21, 2023 | 05:09