Russia-Ukraine War

A Six-Month Lifeline, US Weapons, and the Risk of Escalation

Main image to the post A Six-Month Lifeline, US Weapons, and the Risk of Escalation

The United States has pledged a substantial aid package of £47 billion ($60 billion) to Ukraine, but an expert warns that this may only be enough to sustain the country's defense for six months. The aid package, while significant, is unlikely to last beyond a year.

Before the influx of aid, Ukraine struggled to defend against Russian forces, who had stretched the frontline in an attempt to find a weak point. However, US weaponry has now empowered Ukraine to halt Russia's advance.

Defense and Security analyst Nicholas Drummond emphasizes that the aid package's effectiveness is not solely dependent on the amount provided by the US. He highlights the importance of China's role in supplying Russia, stating that the situation is complex and involves more than just the US contribution.

Drummond acknowledges that the US has provided relatively limited aid overall, but emphasizes the significance of the current package in enabling Ukraine to actively engage with Russian forces. He also points out that the war has prompted NATO members to begin rearming their forces in preparation for potential conflict.

While most NATO members are ramping up production, Drummond criticizes the UK's slow pace in this regard, stating that the government's defense record warrants a loss in the upcoming election.

Despite the challenges, Drummond expresses optimism, stating that Ukraine's success lies in simply halting Russian progress. This sentiment is echoed by recent reports that Ukraine has begun using US weapons to strike targets inside Russia, a move authorized by President Biden under new guidelines.

These guidelines allow for the use of US-supplied weapons against Russian forces that are attacking or preparing to attack, but do not authorize the use of long-range missiles or other munitions for offensive strikes inside Russia.

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