Russia-Ukraine War

A Gamble on Russia's Internal Collapse and a Warning to China

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The West faces a critical decision regarding its support for Ukraine, according to Mr. Drummond. Some believe that Russia has already won and the war is over, while others maintain that the conflict is far from resolved. Mr. Drummond argues that continued pressure on Russia is crucial, as it could ultimately lead to its internal collapse. He warns that allowing Putin to succeed in Ukraine would send a dangerous message to China, potentially emboldening them to invade Taiwan with impunity.

According to Ukrainian reports, Russia has suffered over 500,000 casualties during the war. Mr. Drummond believes that Putin's strategy is backfiring, bringing the war closer to the Russian people. He suggests that Putin is gambling on Ukraine running out of soldiers before Russia does. However, the sheer number of Russian casualties is generating internal resistance, as the war is claiming the lives of young Russians. Recent reports indicate that Russia lost 1,400 soldiers in a single day. Images of large, newly established graveyards in Russia are serving as a stark reminder of the war's human cost, bringing the conflict closer to home for Russians.

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