Hooligans and Neo-Nazis Planning to Disrupt Euro 2024 Tournament in Germany

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Recent reports have brought to light a concerning development as hooligans and neo-Nazis are actively plotting to disrupt the Euro 2024 tournament set to take place in Germany. Through the use of encrypted messaging platforms that conceal their identities, these extremist groups are already engaged in discussions regarding their activities during the sporting event. Shockingly, members of the Albanian ultra group The Ilyrian Elite have even managed to travel to Germany's streets, despite being prevented from buying tickets by their national association, and have been seen sharing images of themselves performing Nazi salutes while holding burning flares.

On various channels such as, which showcases videos of fan fights, there is a sense of anticipation for a summer filled with violence among these extremist factions. Notably, there are far-right activists included in these chat groups who are aiming to leverage the tournament as a platform to propagate their hateful beliefs. Responses from users on platforms like have taken a disturbing turn, with suggestions made for violence targeting specific groups like Muslims, Black individuals, and Jewish people. Additionally, some users have resorted to sharing images and symbols associated with historical fascist figures, underlining the extremist nature of these interactions.

While the potential for violence and disruption during the Euros cannot be ignored, it is crucial to acknowledge that the majority of fans attending these games are there to enjoy the sport in a peaceful manner. Experts in football fan culture, like Dr. Stefan Lawrence from Leeds Beckett University, emphasize that attributing violence solely to football or national rivalries oversimplifies a complex issue. The environment, historical tensions, and media portrayal of such encounters also play significant roles in fueling any clashes that may arise.

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May 21, 2023 | 05:09