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Lack of Transparency in Government Regarding Asylum Seeker Routes Raises Concerns

Main image to the post Lack of Transparency in Government Regarding Asylum Seeker Routes Raises Concerns

Campaigners and critics are pressing the Government for transparency concerning the entry routes of asylum seekers into the country. They have raised alarm over the revelation that just 34% of asylum claims in the year leading up to March 2024 were made by migrants who undertook the perilous journey by small boats across the Channel. The Home Office declined to provide specific figures on asylum seekers utilizing alternative methods of entry, citing reasons such as the need to review statistics in line with data quality and availability.

The report by the Home Office highlighted that asylum seekers use various avenues to reach the UK, including legal visa routes, regular means with fraudulent documents, clandestine routes like small boats or lorries, and entry through the common travel area without valid permission. Concerns have also been raised about asylum seekers residing in the UK for a period before applying for asylum, particularly those claiming unsafe conditions prevent them from returning home once their legal visas expire. Alp Mehmet, Chairman of Migration Watch UK, criticized the Home Office's lack of transparency, citing it as detrimental to public trust and democracy, especially with the potential exploitation of the common travel area by traffickers and migrants.

The number of individuals granted refugee status or other leave following asylum applications hit a record high in the year ending March 2024. There were also observations of a shift in asylum claim dispersal across the EU post-Brexit, with the UK experiencing a decrease in applications compared to an increase in other EU countries. Additionally, the report highlighted that a significant portion of asylum seekers were housed in hotel accommodations, indicating a changing landscape in asylum support arrangements.

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May 21, 2023 | 05:09