Taiwan Conflict

Former US Defence Official Cautioned on Potential China-Taiwan Conflict

Main image to the post Former US Defence Official Cautioned on Potential China-Taiwan Conflict

Former US Defence official Elbridge Colby has raised concerns about the possibility of China launching an abrupt attack on Taiwan, indicating that China's abandonment of the idea of peaceful unification has heightened tensions. Colby, who previously served in the Trump administration's defense sector, emphasized the importance of maintaining military strength to swiftly counter any potential Chinese aggression. He also highlighted the potential of US involvement in a cross-strait conflict, suggesting that countries like Japan, Australia, and the Philippines could be impacted.

In a recent interview, Colby expressed the view that Chinese leader Xi Jinping may have reassessed the feasibility of peacefully bringing Taiwan under Chinese control. He noted the strategic significance of the Asia Pacific region and advised the US to redirect its support from Ukraine to Taiwan, given the evolving dynamics in the Asia-Pacific theater. Despite this shift, Colby acknowledged the continued importance of maintaining a presence in Europe while also recognizing Europe's ability to manage its own challenges with Russia compared to the complexities of dealing with China in Asia.

Moreover, China's Minister of National Defence, Admiral Dong Jun, issued warnings against external influences allegedly supporting Taiwan's independence separatists, cautioning that such actions could lead to a perilous situation. Dong Jun accused these external forces of undermining the one-China principle and supply of arms to Taiwan, which he claimed were aimed at containing China. China's military maneuvers around Taiwan, following the island's new leader Lai Ching-te's inauguration, were viewed as a response to calls for Beijing to cease intimidation tactics, thereby demonstrating the ongoing tensions between these two entities.

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May 21, 2023 | 05:09