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Biden Should Have Pardoned Trump, But I Won't Vote for Him

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Mitt Romney's View on Pardoning Donald Trump

In a recent interview with MSNBC, Utah Senator Mitt Romney expressed his belief that President Biden should have pardoned Donald Trump on all federal criminal charges. Romney argued that such a move would have positioned Biden as the "big guy" and Trump as the "little guy," while also avoiding the need for a potentially divisive trial before the election.

Romney acknowledged Trump's various legal challenges, including charges related to election subversion, classified information retention, hush-money payments, and defamation. However, he believes that these issues are not significantly impacting public opinion.

Romney also addressed Trump's controversial behavior, including his alleged affair with a porn star, mishandling of classified documents, and false claims about the 2020 election. While acknowledging these actions, Romney believes they are not changing public attitudes towards Trump.

Despite his support for a pardon, Romney clarified that he would not be voting for Trump in the upcoming election. He expressed concerns about Trump's character, particularly allegations of sexual assault, which he believes are incompatible with the role of president.

Romney also criticized Biden's handling of the economy and border security, but acknowledged Trump's role in preventing a bipartisan border measure from passing Congress. He expressed uncertainty about Trump's motivations and goals for a potential second term.

Finally, Romney addressed the state of the Republican party, comparing his wing of the party to a "chicken wing" – small and unable to lift the party off the ground. He believes that a moderate wing of the party is unlikely to regain control in the near future.

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