Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

United Nations General Assembly Votes in Favor of Palestinian Statehood

Main image to the post United Nations General Assembly Votes in Favor of Palestinian Statehood

On Friday, the United Nations General Assembly witnessed a significant majority of 143 nations out of 193 supporting a resolution that backs Palestinian statehood and calls on the Security Council to facilitate Palestine's full membership in the UN. The decision, while backed by various countries and supported by international consensus, is expected to face opposition from the United States, hinting at the likelihood of a veto being used to block the resolution's progression, as seen in previous instances.

While a vast number of nations rallied in favor of the Palestinian statehood move, notable countries like Australia and France came out in support during the voting session. Additionally, traditional allies of the US such as the UK opted to abstain, alongside Canada. The breakdown of the vote revealed a large cohort of countries voting in favor, a handful against, and a set of nations choosing to abstain from taking a definitive position on the matter.

The Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, strongly criticized the General Assembly's decision, using fiery language and a dramatic gesture by shredding a copy of the UN charter during his address. Erdan expressed concerns about potential ramifications from supporting Palestinian statehood, particularly in relation to the influence of the Hamas group gaining power and its implications on the UN's principles and values. Erdan's impassioned speech underscored his belief that supporting the resolution went against the spirit of the UN Charter, highlighting the concerns surrounding the admission of a new UN member with ties to past hostilities and terrorism.

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