Mass Shootings

Accused US Marine Corps Rifleman Planned Mass Murder

Main image to the post Accused US Marine Corps Rifleman Planned Mass Murder

Joshua Cobb, a young man from New Jersey and a former Marine Corps rifleman, was taken into custody and discharged from the Marine Corps after being accused of planning a mass murder targeting white individuals. The allegations against Cobb surfaced based on threatening messages he posted on social media, expressing his frustration and desire to inflict harm on the white community. In these posts, Cobb outlined his intention to carry out the attack in New Jersey, mentioning his choice of target and rationale for his proposed actions.

According to federal prosecutors, the threatening posts made by Cobb not only detailed his plans to cause harm but also revealed his admiration for previous mass shooters. Cobb reportedly mentioned considering various locations, such as a fitness center and a grocery store, as potential sites for his attack, showcasing a disturbing level of premeditation. Further analysis of Cobb's cellphone led investigators to discover additional menacing messages, indicating his deep-seated anger and a desire to perpetrate violence as a means of coping with his inner turmoil.

The arrest of Cobb sheds light on the concerning trend of individuals with military backgrounds engaging in mass shootings. Statistics revealed in a CBS News analysis show that a significant percentage of mass shooters have ties to the military, raising questions about the potential influence of military training and experiences on such violent behaviors. One chilling example highlighted is the case of a former marine who carried out a deadly shooting spree at the University of Texas in 1966, underscoring the tragic consequences of individuals with military backgrounds turning to mass violence.

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