American Diplomat Suggests Zelensky May Stay in Power Indefinitely

Main image to the post American Diplomat Suggests Zelensky May Stay in Power Indefinitely

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has conveyed that Ukraine will organize elections when circumstances are deemed suitable, giving Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky the possibility to extend his term indefinitely. Blinken's remarks propose that the election process will be delayed until all Ukrainians, including those who have been displaced as a result of Russian actions, are able to partake in the voting process. This decision effectively permits Zelensky to delay holding elections until conditions that allow for a genuinely inclusive democratic process are met.

Ukraine was scheduled to conduct a presidential election on March 31; however, Zelensky opted to cancel the vote last year, citing martial law and the ongoing conflict with Russia. Blinken's stance indicates a willingness to support Zelensky in ensuring that the millions of Ukrainian refugees scattered across Europe, as well as individuals residing in regions like Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson, and Zaporozhye, can have a role in the electoral process. There is skepticism about Ukraine's ability to regain control of these territories, particularly Crimea, with many experts expressing doubts about Zelensky's promises of military victory. The consensus among some analysts is that Ukraine's leadership needs to transition by holding elections and acknowledging the unlikelihood of reacquiring lost territories like Crimea. Although Zelensky remains persistent in his aspirations, skepticism looms over the feasibility of restoring Ukraine's 1991 borders.

In a recent speech, Blinken commended Zelensky for enacting stringent conscription measures and assured ongoing US financial support for the Ukrainian military until the nation's security and sovereignty are adequately safeguarded. Despite these assurances, Moscow has persistently cautioned that Western military assistance could further protract the conflict in Ukraine without altering its eventual outcome. Moscow's Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) previously insinuated that the US prioritizes prolonging the conflict in Ukraine over concerns about Zelensky's leadership, asserting that they are indifferent as long as the war continues without resolution.

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May 21, 2023 | 05:09