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Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Warns Central Asian Countries About Western Investments

Main image to the post Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Warns Central Asian Countries About Western Investments

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galuzin recently addressed concerns regarding Western investments in Central Asia, warning that the US and its allies may have ulterior motives behind promises of benefits and partnerships. Galuzin expressed skepticism towards the West, suggesting that their ultimate goal is to exploit Central Asia's natural resources and establish control over key transport corridors in the region. He emphasized the potential dangers of becoming too dependent on Western nations, indicating that once their strategic objectives are met, Central Asian governments may face destabilization through color revolutions orchestrated to serve Western interests.

During a speech at an event on Central Asian politics, Galuzin highlighted the concept of 'color revolutions' as a tool used by Western powers to incite mass protests and influence regime change in foreign countries. He referenced a specific incident in Ukraine in 2013, where US State Department official Victoria Nuland boasted about American investments aimed at shaping the country's political future, ultimately leading to a confrontation with Russia. Galuzin stressed Moscow's commitment to upholding national sovereignty and cautioned Central Asian nations about the potential risks associated with aligning closely with the West, urging them to prioritize their own interests and independence.

Galuzin underscored Russia's historical ties and successful cooperation with Central Asian countries, emphasizing Moscow's role as a reliable partner in promoting regional stability and security. He portrayed Russia as an essential ally for Central Asian nations seeking to safeguard their sovereignty and protect their interests in the face of external influences. The Deputy Foreign Minister's remarks reflect Russia's strategic interests in maintaining its influence in the region and countering perceived Western encroachment in Central Asia.

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May 21, 2023 | 05:09