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Scavengers in Indonesia Battle Trash in Cibanten River and Beaches in Teluk, Banten

Main image to the post Scavengers in Indonesia Battle Trash in Cibanten River and Beaches in Teluk, Banten

In the Cibanten River of Serang, Banten, scavengers are faced with the daunting task of searching for items amidst the floating garbage that pollutes the waterway. This scene is emblematic of the larger issue of environmental pollution plaguing Indonesia, with trash buildup becoming a significant challenge for both local communities and ecosystems.

Teluk, located on the western edge of Java island, is dealing with the aftermath of heavy rain, which has intensified tidal movements and washed up a substantial amount of trash onto its shores. Villagers in Teluk have reported witnessing an increase in plastic waste, biscuit packages, toothbrush cases, and even sandals littering the beach, creating a visually disturbing and environmentally hazardous landscape.

The situation in Teluk has prompted community efforts to address the plastic pollution crisis, with individuals like Fikri Jufri leading initiatives to clean up the beaches and raise awareness about the impacts of improper waste disposal. Despite these efforts, the challenges posed by the influx of trash remain a pressing concern for local fishermen, whose livelihoods are directly impacted by the unpredictability of weather patterns and tidal behavior. Jayadi, a 33-year-old fisherman, expressed his worries about the adverse effects of high tides during the rainy season on his ability to fish and provide for his family, highlighting the economic repercussions faced by coastal communities in the region.

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