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Intense Heat Waves and Record Temperatures in Various Countries

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The NOAA's heat wave forecast for September 2023 highlighted the intensity and scope of heat observed towards the end of that year globally. In Indonesia, despite a consistent temperature rise over the past five days, the Deputy head of the BMKG, Guswanto, clarified that these conditions did not meet the criteria to be classified as a heat wave according to statistical indicators based on temperature observations.

Guswanto explained that the temperature rise in Indonesia was influenced by the angle of the sun, impacting the sunlight reaching the Earth, thus differentiating it from a categorization as a heat wave. Countries in Southeast Asia, such as Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, India, and Bangladesh, have experienced sweltering heat waves, surpassing temperature records and prompting authorities to issue warnings and forecasts of extreme temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. This has led to precautionary measures, including the suspension of classes in the Philippines and Bangladesh, as well as a review of potential impacts on national elections in India due to heat affecting turnout.

Moreover, the heat wave's effects have extended to northern Japan, with Sapporo experiencing temperatures exceeding 25 degrees Celsius earlier than previously recorded. Experts have attributed the increasing frequency, intensity, and duration of heat waves to climate change, with the El Niño weather phenomenon exacerbating the situation by bringing more heat to the Asian region in the mentioned timeframe.

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May 21, 2023 | 05:09