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U.S. DEA Recommends Reclassifying Cannabis, Could Benefit Legal Marijuana Industry

Main image to the post U.S. DEA Recommends Reclassifying Cannabis, Could Benefit Legal Marijuana Industry

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is reportedly in the process of recommending the reclassification of cannabis to a less hazardous category, which would have significant implications for the legal marijuana industry. If the proposed change is approved, marijuana could move from being categorized as a Schedule I drug, alongside substances like heroin, to Schedule III, which is reserved for drugs deemed to be less risky and have medical applications. This potential reclassification would likely bring about tax benefits and other advantages for the legal marijuana industry.

Despite the momentum towards reclassification, several steps still need to be taken before cannabis can be officially moved from Schedule I to Schedule III. While the move could facilitate easier access to cannabis for medical patients and researchers exploring its medicinal properties, it does not entail decriminalization. This means that the production, distribution, and possession of marijuana for recreational purposes would continue to be illegal under federal law, even if cannabis is reclassified in the future.

The initiative to reconsider the classification of cannabis comes after about three decades since California first legalized medical marijuana, marking a significant shift in attitudes towards the plant. With over half of the U.S. population now residing in states where marijuana can be legally purchased under various state laws, there is a growing push towards reforming federal policies to align with evolving perspectives on cannabis use.

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