Government Plans Nationwide Database for Child Care Support Systems

Main image to the post Government Plans Nationwide Database for Child Care Support Systems

The government is undertaking a significant effort to compile a comprehensive database encompassing child care support systems in 1,741 municipalities by the end of the fiscal year. This database will serve as a centralized repository of information to be utilized by private companies developing child care support apps, with the goal of ensuring parents and guardians are well-informed about available benefits and healthcare appointments for their children. Due to the discrepancies in child care support measures and application processes varying from one municipality to another, parents often face challenges in obtaining the necessary details, prompting the government to step in and streamline access to crucial information.

The primary objective of this nationwide database is to alleviate the time-consuming and complicated task for parents in finding essential information related to child care support measures. By aggregating data on services such as childbirth grants, babysitter subsidies, infant feeding classes, and financial aid for children who have lost their parents, the government aims to simplify the process for parents in seeking out available resources. Drawing insight from a trial project by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the national database will focus on linking with apps geared towards maternal and child health handbooks, as well as communication tools for parents and nursery staff delivered by private entities.

Recognizing the diversity in child care assistance depending on factors like a child's age and household income, the government intends to prioritize measures catering to preschool-aged children within the database. Following the completion of the database, local municipalities will be responsible for updating the information at least annually to ensure parents and guardians have access to the most up-to-date resources. By centralizing and disseminating child care support information, the government ultimately seeks to facilitate an easier process for parents to navigate the intricate landscape of available benefits and services for their children.

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