Continued Treatment for Long-term COVID-19 Patients in Japan a Year After Downgrade

Main image to the post Continued Treatment for Long-term COVID-19 Patients in Japan a Year After Downgrade

Many medical facilities in Japan are continuing to offer a significant number of consultations to patients who are suffering from prolonged aftereffects of COVID-19, even a year after the country reduced the disease's classification to a lower-risk category under the infectious disease control law. This change occurred a year ago when the government decided to lower the classification of COVID-19 from Category II to Category V, a classification that includes seasonal influenza. Despite the normalization of daily activities and bustling streets in Japan, a considerable portion of the population is grappling with persistent COVID-19 aftereffects, some of which severely impede their everyday lives.

The persistent symptoms experienced by some individuals post-COVID-19 infection, as defined by the World Health Organization, are those lasting for a minimum of two months and not ascribable to any other ailments. As the country transitions back to normalcy in many aspects, there remains a notable cohort of individuals who continue to struggle with these lingering effects, underscoring the ongoing need for medical attention and support for long-term COVID-19 patients. Despite the downgrade in COVID-19 classification, the healthcare system in Japan, particularly in the realm of aftercare for individuals with enduring symptoms, remains a critical area of focus in addressing the broader implications of the virus on public health.

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May 21, 2023 | 05:09