Japan Marks One Year Since Downgrading COVID-19 Risk Category

Main image to the post Japan Marks One Year Since Downgrading COVID-19 Risk Category

A year after Japan classified COVID-19 in a less severe risk category, resembling common seasonal flu, the nation has encountered a surge in atypical outbreaks of infectious diseases during the same period. This unexpected rise in other infectious diseases has raised concerns among health professionals, advocating for the public to uphold fundamental infection prevention practices like regular hand washing. It is believed that due to the focus on battling the coronavirus, people's immune defenses against various pathogens besides COVID-19 might have diminished, making them more susceptible to other diseases.

Following the adjustment of the COVID-19 risk level in May 2023, Japan made significant changes to how COVID-19 cases are monitored and reported. The country ceased the centralized counting of all COVID-19 cases across the nation and instead transitioned to collecting case reports from approximately 5,000 specified medical facilities. This shift in tracking COVID-19 cases was a strategic measure taken by Japanese health authorities to streamline data collection and reporting processes while adapting to the evolving situation as the pandemic progresses. Additionally, this change in reporting indicates a shift towards localized data collection that could potentially offer more detailed insights into the spread and impact of COVID-19 at a regional level in Japan.

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May 21, 2023 | 05:09