Hurdles Faced by Leqembi in Treating Alzheimer's Disease in the U.S.

Main image to the post Hurdles Faced by Leqembi in Treating Alzheimer's Disease in the U.S.

Nine months after its launch in the U.S., Leqembi, the groundbreaking drug designed to slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease, is encountering obstacles hindering its widespread utilization. Some healthcare professionals hold a skeptical view, deeming the treatment of Alzheimer's as ineffective, which has impeded the adoption of this innovative drug. Initially anticipated bottlenecks related to Leqembi, including the need for supplementary diagnostic evaluations and a treatment regimen involving bi-weekly infusions and periodic brain scans to monitor potential adverse reactions, have indeed materialized and contributed to the drug's sluggish uptake post its FDA approval.

In a series of interviews with 20 neurologists and geriatricians across various practice settings in 19 states, it was revealed that the intricate requirements of Leqembi have presented challenges in its integration into standard clinical practice. The obligation for patients to undergo additional testing, commit to a demanding infusion schedule, and undergo regular brain imaging to safeguard against severe side effects has deterred some healthcare providers from embracing the drug. Despite the considerable promise of Leqembi in treating Alzheimer's disease, the complexities associated with its administration have led to hesitancy among physicians, resulting in a slower-than-expected incorporation of the drug into routine patient care.

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