China's Primary-Level Medical Institutions Handling Majority of the Country's Medical Visits

Main image to the post China's Primary-Level Medical Institutions Handling Majority of the Country's Medical Visits

During a recent press conference, Fu Wei, a Chinese official overseeing primary healthcare, highlighted the significant role of primary-level medical institutions such as community health centers and village clinics in handling over half of the country's medical visits. There has been a consistent effort in China to establish a tiered diagnosis and treatment system, aiming to distribute patient care effectively across different levels of medical facilities, particularly benefiting patients in rural areas where access to healthcare services may be limited.

Fu emphasized the importance of ensuring that medical institutions in rural regions have the capacity to manage common and frequently occurring diseases, underlining the goal of the tiered medical system to categorize diseases by priority and treatment complexity. This approach serves as a guide for medical facilities of varying levels to appropriately address different types of illnesses. Looking ahead, China plans to further promote the utilization of primary-level medical institutions for basic medical care and to strengthen their ability to identify complex diseases and facilitate patient transfers to higher-level hospitals, ultimately enhancing the overall healthcare service quality in the country. The anticipated outcome of these initiatives is to increase the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases at medical institutions situated at the county level or below, ensuring more accessible and efficient healthcare for the population.

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May 21, 2023 | 05:09