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China Coast Guard Opposes Philippines' Infringement on Territorial Sovereignty

Main image to the post China Coast Guard Opposes Philippines' Infringement on Territorial Sovereignty

The China Coast Guard has expressed firm opposition to the Philippines' actions that are considered to infringe upon China's territorial sovereignty in the South China Sea. According to the spokesperson, Gan Yu, the confrontation arose when 34 Filipino individuals disregarded warnings and advice from the Chinese side, landing illegally on Tiexian Reef and engaging in activities against Chinese regulations. In response, the China Coast Guard deployed its law enforcement personnel to the reef to address the situation in accordance with the law.

Gan Yu's statement reiterated China's undeniable sovereignty over the Nansha Islands, including Tiexian Reef and its surrounding waters, which he stated are backed by significant historical and legal justifications. The spokesperson highlighted that the actions of the Philippines not only violated China's territorial rights but also contravened the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea, ultimately disrupting the peace and stability of the region. The China Coast Guard spokesperson made it clear that China stands in staunch opposition to the Philippine actions and called for an immediate cessation of such infringements.

The China Coast Guard emphasized its commitment to protecting its rights and enforcing the law within the waters under China's jurisdiction, signaling a readiness to continue carrying out necessary activities to maintain order and assert its sovereignty. The spokesperson's remarks underscored the gravity with which China views any encroachment on its territorial integrity in the South China Sea and its determination to uphold its claims through legal means while seeking a resolution to maintain peace in the region.

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May 21, 2023 | 05:09