A Strategic Alliance for Space Exploration and Beyond

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Russian Deputy Chief of Mission Roman Babushkin praised India's achievements in space exploration and reaffirmed Russia's support for its endeavors. He highlighted the enduring partnership between the two nations, symbolized by the historic flight of Indian cosmonaut Rakesh Sharma in 1984.

Babushkin commended India's independent space program, which not only benefits the nation but also assists other countries in satellite launches. He emphasized Russia's role in nurturing India's space capabilities, including training astronauts and aiding in spacecraft development.

The diplomat highlighted the collaboration between ISRO and Roscosmos, particularly in the Gaganyan mission. He mentioned India's status as a space superpower and the success of the Chandrayaan-3 project.

Babushkin also emphasized the importance of multilateral cooperation in space, particularly in preventing arms races and promoting the non-placement of weapons in outer space. He noted the significance of the month of April, which marks the anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's first human space journey and the establishment of Russia-India diplomatic relations.

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