Climate Change

A Choice Between Our Children's Future and Our Own Convenience

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Politicians advocating for the reduction of the carbon price evoke childhood memories of divorced parents. Just as a father might offer treats and leniency to compensate for his absence, these politicians offer temporary relief from responsibility. However, like a responsible parent, the federal government recognizes the importance of living responsibly for the well-being of future generations.

The carbon price is a necessary measure to protect the health and safety of our children. It holds us accountable for the pollution we create, which poses grave risks to their air, water, and food. By standing by the decision to price carbon, we demonstrate our commitment to being responsible ancestors.

While the allure of avoiding guilt is understandable, it is a false promise. Pollution has real consequences for our children's future. We cannot absolve ourselves of our responsibility by ignoring the impact of our actions. The carbon rebate system provides compensation for our efforts to reduce emissions, making it a fair and equitable solution.

Addressing affordability concerns requires a comprehensive approach that tackles major costs of living, such as housing, childcare, and postsecondary education. By implementing policies that reduce these expenses, we can make it easier for families to accept the necessity of paying for pollution.

Ultimately, the choice is not between paying for pollution or not. It is between paying less now and getting a rebate, or burdening our children with the consequences of our inaction. As parents and guardians, we have a duty to prioritize the well-being of future generations. By paying for our pollution, we are not only protecting their health and safety but also preserving their legacy.

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May 21, 2023 | 05:09