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China's Xi Calls for Enhanced Military Capabilities in Emerging Spheres

Main image to the post China's Xi Calls for Enhanced Military Capabilities in Emerging Spheres

President Xi Jinping emphasized the importance of enhancing China's military capabilities in emerging spheres during a meeting with lawmakers from the armed forces. He highlighted the significance of these capabilities for socioeconomic development, national security, and military power.

Xi stressed the need to integrate new productive forces and combat power, prioritizing key projects and implementing related plans. He emphasized the importance of integrated planning for naval operations, maritime rights protection, and the marine economy to strengthen the nation's sea power.

The president also called for the improvement of space capabilities and the establishment of a cyberspace defense system to safeguard internet security. He emphasized the need to focus on research and promotion of intelligent technologies.

Xi encouraged the armed forces to have confidence in their creative abilities and to foster independent innovation. He emphasized the importance of emerging spheres in the military's comprehensive reform, calling for a supportive atmosphere and optimized policy system.

Before addressing the lawmakers, Xi listened to suggestions from military deputies on topics such as maritime awareness capabilities, artificial intelligence, and space-based asset management. The meeting was attended by 271 national legislators from the armed forces.

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