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New Regulation to Protect Heritage and Prevent Commercialization

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The old city of Kashgar, renowned for its traditional Uygur architecture and rich history, faces challenges due to rapid tourism development. To address these concerns, a regulation will be implemented on May 1st to protect the city's heritage and prevent excessive commercialization.

The regulation prohibits alterations to historical buildings and requires approval for decorative works on main streets. It encourages residents to participate in preservation efforts and showcase local culture. Business owners and residents alike welcome the regulation, hoping it will restore the city's charm and preserve its unique identity.

The regulation aims to strike a balance between tourism and preservation. It seeks to ensure that businesses respect the city's cultural heritage while providing a vibrant and authentic experience for visitors. By safeguarding the old city's traditional architecture and lifestyle, the regulation aims to preserve its historical significance and cultural value for generations to come.

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May 21, 2023 | 05:09